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Having a Baby at Baptist

Having a baby can be one of the most wonderful times in a woman's life. Whether you are expecting your first baby or are adding to your family, we want to help you have the smoothest pregnancy possible. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, now is a good time to plan, starting with choosing your healthcare team.

It all starts with your doctor. On staff at The Birthplace are a number of board certified Ob/Gyns who will manage your health-and the health of your baby-during your pregnancy and throughout labor and delivery. If you are expecting more than one baby, or are having a baby after 35, your doctor may also ask you to see a Maternal-Fetal Specialist. These physicians provide specialized care for mothers and unborn babies who may be at higher risk for complications and require a different pattern of monitoring throughout pregnancy.

For our care of premature infants, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center is the first hospital in Mississippi to be awarded Disease Specific Certification in Prematurity from Joint Commission.

Before You Give Birth

Before you give birth, The Birthplace at Baptist for Women provides a number of services and conveniences to help you prepare, including childbirth classes and an easy preadmission process. Additionally, Baptist for Women has a wide variety of podcasts on a range of topics, including Pregnancy and Childbirth. "The Journey of Pregnancy" podcast series includes an episode about preconception care. See the full list of podcasts on this page under "Video and Audio Resources."

The Plan That’s Best

The best plan for you and your baby is the one that will help both Mom and baby have a safe, healthy delivery and recovery. Studies confirm that staying pregnant for at least 39 weeks, unless there is a medical reason not to, gives your baby the best start for not only birth, but also for future development. Here’s why your baby needs at least 39 weeks*:

  • Important organs, like the brain, lungs and liver, get the time they need to develop.
  • Your baby is less likely to have vision and hearing problems after birth.
  • Your baby has time to gain more weight in the womb. Babies born at a healthy weight have an easier time staying warm than babies born too small.
  • Your baby can suck and swallow and stay awake long enough to eat after he or she’s born. Babies born early sometimes can't do these things.

Unless it is recommended by your doctor, scheduling to deliver your baby early, by inducing labor or planning a c-section, is not encouraged at Baptist.

Learn more at the March of Dimes.

Source: "Why at least 39 weeks is best for your baby" from March of Dimes website, accessed 10/30/2012

Labor, Delivery and Recovery and the Mother/Baby Unit

When it's time to give birth, The Birthplace at Baptist provides the comfort and convenience of private Labor-Delivery-Recovery Rooms equipped with up-to-date technology. Our experienced nurses are trained in fetal heart monitoring.

Most babies are born without complications for mother or baby. Should difficulties arise, however, you and your baby will have access to the full services of Baptist's comprehensive medical facilities. C-Section Delivery Rooms are immediately accessible from the regular Labor-Delivery-Recovery rooms in case of an emergency or a difficult delivery. Experienced physicians in more than 25 specialties and sub-specialties serve on the hospital staff, including board certified OB hospitalists who are on site 24/7. Neonatal and adult intensive care units located in the hospital offer additional medical resources should they be required.

And after your baby's birth, you will transition to the Mother/Baby Unit in our beautiful new Baptist for Women to relax, recover and get to know the newest member of your family. Thoughtfully appointed with amenities including a flat screen TV, full-size sleeper sofa, and small refrigerator, your private room also features a spa-inspired bathroom with wall-mounted hair dryer and hand-held shower faucet.

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