Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights

Access to Care

You have the right to access healthcare


You have a right to receive safe and high quality care.


You have the right to be treated with respect, dignity, and privacy.


You have a right to be informed about services, treatments, options and costs in a clear and open way in the language you prefer.


You have a right to be included in decisions and choices about your care and discharge plan. You may refuse treatment.


You have a right to privacy and confidentiality of your personal matters. You may obtain your medical records.


You have a right to comment on your care and have your concerns addressed.

Support Person

You can have (or refuse to have) a support person continuously. The hospital may limit visitation for specific reasons such as infections, safety, or privacy, etc.

Comfort/Pain Management

You have the right to be comfortable, have your pain identified using a 0-10 scale, responded to and have education for managing your comfort.

Patient Responsibilities

Advance Care Directive/Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Please inform your doctor or nurse if you have a current Advance Healthcare Directive or Power of Attorney for health or personal matters, or if you have a guardianship order


Tell us your safety concerns. Consider the needs of other patients by following safety rules such as no smoking in the building or the hospital grounds.


Consider the rights and well being of others. Be respectful and use civil language and behavior.


Provide honest information about your identity, medical history, and medications you are taking.


Follow your treatment, cooperate and participate when able. Ask questions if information is not understood. Maintain healthy habits to promote wellness.


Provide feedback if you receive a phone call or survey from the hospital.


We want you to have a positive experience. You should direct any problem, complaint or concern to a staff member or the manager so that immediate and appropriate action can be taken to address the concern.

Pay Fees

You should promptly pay the fees of the hospital and your attending doctor. Financial counselors are available.

How to Make a Complaint or Compliment

You should contact the manager or person in charge for problems experienced during your stay. For more information, see the Baptist Guest & Visitors Guide.

  • Medicaid – Concerns or complaints for Medicaid should be referred to: 1-800-421-2408
  • Medicare (CMS) – Concerns or complaints should be referred to: 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)
  • Joint Commission – Quality or safety concerns may be referred to: Office of Quality Monitoring @1-800-994-6610.
  • Baptist – please refer concerns to 601-948-6262 or 1-800-948-6262 (toll free).


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