Hospitalist Program

How We Take Care of Patients Admitted to Baptist Medical Center

While you are a patient at Baptist, you will be at the center of a partnership designed to give you the best care possible. That partnership includes you, your personal doctor, and your hospitalist—your doctor at Baptist Medical Center.

You Are At The Center

The most important person in the partnership is you, the patient. Everything about your hospital stay is focused on getting you the care you need, when you need it. There will be a team of people with a variety of specialized skills taking care of you, from your nurses, to technicians in the lab processing tests results, to pharmacists dispensing your medicines.

Your Hospitalist at Baptist Medical Center

To make sure your treatment keeps progressing on track and in a timely manner, your personal doctor is admitting you to the care of a specialist at Baptist—your hospitalist. Hospitalists are board certified physicians who see only patients in the hospital. They are on site in the hospital all day, every day, so they are not limited to early morning and late evening “rounds.” Because of this, they are readily available to keep your care progressing. They are on hand at all times to discuss your condition and treatment with you and your family, order tests, review lab results, adjust medications, and call in any other specialists—such as cardiologists or surgeons—that you may need to see. Because of their familiarity with Baptist, your hospitalist knows the other specialists on staff here, and can make arrangements for them to see you as needed. Hospitalists are experts at navigating the hospital on your behalf. In short, they know everyone and how to get things done.

See a list of hospitalists on staff at Baptist.

Your Doctor Stays In the Loop

While your hospitalist is getting you the care you need, he is also giving your personal doctor timely updates about your condition. Your hospitalist keeps him or her aware of what treatments and tests you are getting, and how you are doing.The hospitalist will make sure your doctor knows what’s going on every step along the way, from the time you are placed into a room, all the way through your discharge, and everything in between.

After You Leave Baptist

When you are discharged, your personal physician will have all the information about your hospital stay to use in your ongoing care. He will provide prescription refills as usual, along with all the other healthcare services you may need.


After you have been admitted to Baptist, your hospitalist will give you a business card with his contact information. If you have any questions about your care while you are a patient at Baptist Medical Center, you may reach your hospitalist using the information on the card. Also, you can always talk with your nurse.


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