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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Announces Mississippi Baptist Medical Center as a Blue Distinction+ Center of Excellence in Cardiac Care

Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi is proud to announce Mississippi
Baptist Medical Center has been named as a Blue Distinction+ Center of
Excellence for cardiac care.

Blue Distinction+ designation is part of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of
Mississippi’s statewide Cardiac Care Collaborative with its Network
Providers that provide cardiovascular disease management.  The
collaborative focuses on best practice care coordination with the goal of
healthier outcomes through an emphasis on quality and prevention.

“An important part of being healthy is managing heart health.  We know
that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Mississippi
and responsible for millions of dollars in healthcare costs each year.
Early identification of risk factors, such as high blood pressure and high
cholesterol, diagnosis and care coordination are essential in prevention
and management of the disease—and in managing costs,” says Sarah Broom,
M.D., Medical Director for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi.  “Some
patients’ health requires a multi-disciplinary team with the primary care
provider as the cornerstone.  Then, depending on an individual’s needs,
higher specialty care services may be necessary to achieve a quality

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi and its Network Providers are
working on quality and performance measures for the diagnosis, treatment
and management of cardiovascular disease from initial preventive risk
assessment to surgical management.  This includes the delivery of cardiac
care hospital specialty procedures such as cardiovascular stent placement,
coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery and valve replacement.

The Blue Distinction+ Centers of Excellence program recognizes Network
Hospitals and their Network Physicians that demonstrate high levels of
performance in delivering quality specialty care safely, efficiently and in
a cost-effective manner.  Centers of Excellence must first be designated as
Blue Distinction Centers by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association,
based on national criteria around quality, costs and total value, and then
meet additional criteria as defined by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of

“We are extremely pleased to be recognized as a Blue Distinction Center of
Excellence for Cardiac Care. This designation validates Baptist’s
commitment to clinical excellence in our cardiovascular services. It gives
the consumers the information they need to make wise decisions about the
quality and affordability for their cardiac care,” said Baptist Health
Systems CEO Chris Anderson.  Baptist Health Systems Chief of Medical
Operations Mike Maples, M.D., added, “The designation puts a high value on
the commitment our physicians and clinicians have made to the positive
quality outcomes of our patients.  These achievements are made possible
because of our team approach, which integrates our clinical staff with our
dedicated medical staff.”

The Blue Distinction+ Center of Excellence designation is one component of
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi’s collaboration with its Network
Providers to build a cardiac care continuum, and illustrates that quality
and cost-effective healthcare choices for improved health are what the
“Value of Blue” provides to Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi

For more information on Blue Distinction+ Centers for Specialty
Care, please visit

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