Student, Faculty and Staff Roles and Responsibilities

It is imperative to have open and clear communication between the staff, student and faculty.  There is a chain of command for each unit.  The typical chain of command begins with the nurse assigned to the patient.  If there is still cause for concern regarding a patient, family or staff member, then the charge nurse needs to be notified.  If there is still cause for concern, the Nurse Manager is notified if available.  If the Nurse Manager is not available each area has an assigned Clinical Director.  The Chief Nursing Officer, Brenda Howie is the next level in the chain of command.  If you have any questions regarding the chain of command, contact Nursing Administration at 968-1020. 

Staff retain responsibility for patient care, recognizing that students will not replace Baptist staff or give service to patients apart from their educational level.  Staff will initiate frequent communication with students/faculty regarding the care for the assigned patient(s).


  • Will adhere to general rules, polices and regulations of Baptist.
  • Work in collaboration with staff members who retain responsibility for the patient.
  • Keep staff informed of a patient’s status and immediately inform the patient care provider of significant changes in a patient’s condition
  • Students will respectfully support the patient’s rights and will inform the patient care provider immediately whenever a patient requests the student not participate in their care.
  • Students must inform the assigned nurse when leaving the unit on a break.
  • Students will give a verbal summary of their care to the assigned nurse before leaving the unit.
  • Students will work within their level of education and skill, seeking direction and validation from the staff or his/her instructor.  If the student is not able to competently perform the skills assigned, he/she must inform the nurse.  Seek guidance as needed to perform skills.
  • Students/Faculty will utilize the materials and/or orientations provided to become knowledgeable of facility guidelines, and ask questions when clarification or more information is needed.
  • Illness or Injury while on campus:  Baptist Health Systems will provide immediate first aid for work related injuries or illnesses such as needle sticks to students.  The cost of immediate first aid will be billed to the student’s insurance carrier, but the student shall assume the responsibility for payment for such charges.


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