Service Excellence

Service Excellence is defined as the delivery of the best possible experience so that patients will recommend us to their family and friends.  Throughout Baptist Health Systems, we strive to always deliver the best possible care and anything less is a failing grade for us.  The Baptist Standards of Performance are expected behaviors that all staff agree to model and champion in our organization.  These behaviors generate a culture of excellence, driven to provide the highest quality and best patient experience in the region.  By modeling these behaviors, we ensure our patient receives our very best and they will defiantly recommend Baptist to their family and friends.  These Standards of Performance represent our PATH to Service Excellence.  Please engage yourself in your surroundings and be mindful of the following guidelines.

P-Positive Attitude

I understand the precious responsibility I have in helping people whose lives are interrupted with illness or injury.  I recognize my attitude is a critical healing component to our patients and their loved ones dealing with pain, anxiety and fear.

  • I strive to always exhibit a compassionate and positive attitude towards patients, visitors and coworkers. I greet people with a smile and introduce myself.
  • I acknowledge a patient or visitors presence immediately.
  • I answer telephone calls promptly and in a pleasant tone while identifying my department and giving my name.

A-Acts and Communicates Respectfully

I express myself in a clear, compassionate and effective manner.

  • I strive to always communicate well and support nurses, doctors and other caregivers in their communication with our patients.
  • I maintain and enhance dignity. I strive to always treat people with courtesy and respect.
  • I actively listen, facilitate clarification and respond with empathy. I strive to always listen carefully to patients, visitors and fellow caregivers.
  • I strive to always explain things in a way patient and visitors can understand. I avoid using confusing medical jargon and acronyms with patients
  • I always respect patient privacy by keeping information confidential. I never discuss patients and their care in public areas. I knock before entering a patient’s room and close curtains or doors during exams and procedures for their privacy.

T-Timely Response

I respond in a prompt and productive manner to the needs of patients, visitors and my fellow caregivers.

  • I strive to always provide help to patients as soon as they want it by responding to call lights promptly, assisting my fellow caregivers in responding if they are delayed, and by assisting patients with their personal needs such as bathroom or bedpan assistance.
  • I anticipate patient and other customer needs and take ownership in addressing them to their satisfaction.  Never say, “That’s not my job” or “I am just a student here.”  An appropriate answer would be, “I don’t know the answer to that, but I will be glad to go and ask for you.”
  • I keep people informed and explain any delays in a professional and caring manner that reduces the patient’s anxiety and fear.

 H-Highest Professional Standards

I promote a clean and safe environment by taking prompt action to maintain our high standards. I model proper personal hygiene and wash my hands appropriately.

  • I pick up litter and dispose of it properly. I call housekeeping for major problems.
  • I notify and make sure housekeeping responds promptly to patient and visitor needs. I strive to always ensure patient rooms and bathrooms are kept clean.
  • I model proper personal hygiene and maintain a well groomed, professional appearance.
  • I practice and promote cleanliness and maintain a safe, sanitary patient care environment. I wash my hands appropriately and strive to always wash my hands before entering and leaving a patient’s room.

Even though you are new to our campus, when you are interacting with others you represent Baptist. When you give your very best to those you serve, you can feel good about the work you do and the importance of your role in providing the best possible experience.  That is what our patients, families and guests want as well – our very best.


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