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Nursing Education and Professional Development

Baptist Medical Center encourages professional growth at all levels. We are accredited by the Mississippi Nurses Association as a provider of contact hours for continuing education programs. Contact hour workshops are offered each year covering a variety of topics that relate to clinical practice as well as professional and managerial issues. Other educational opportunities and resources available across the network include computer-assisted instruction, self-instructional programs and a library.

Nurses are encouraged to participate on committees that address issues such as the structure of nursing, quality management/continuous quality improvement, continuity of care and case management. Active membership in professional nursing organizations is also encouraged.

Continuing Education

  • Professional Workshops
  • Certification Preparation Courses
  • Free web based continuing education and training available 24/7 
  • Other CE offerings

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement provides an opportunity for employees to enhance their personal, professional and educational goals while at Baptist. This support is available to any employee who has worked full-time for a minimum of one year. Applications are made through Human Resources when the employee registers for the course and approval is necessary to receive funds. Employees may receive a maximum of $14,000 for undergraduate courses with a grade of C or above and $7,000 for graduate courses with a B or above during their lifetime employment at the medical center. Other stipulations regarding tenure following the funding must be agreed upon by the employee. Leaders work with employees on their schedule so they can attend class. This offering is just another reason why people choose Baptist as their 'Employer of Choice.'

Clinical Ladder

Baptist has developed a nursing clinical ladder program to recognize and reward our nurses for demonstrating clinical excellence and professional growth. We are committed to supporting the professional practice and development of our nurses. We believe that all nurses have leadership potential and foster an environment of professional growth and evidence based practice.

The Clinical Ladder Program is designed around these key concepts:

  • Recognition of clinical and/or academic professional growth
  • Quality patient outcomes
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Evidence-based nursing practice and application of nursing research
  • Lifelong learning
  • To enhance nurse recruiting and retention

New Graduate (RN) Program

Our new nurse graduate program at Baptist is called an Intern Program. The goals are to recognize the needs and challenges of new nurses and use evidenced- based practice to help them transition into the full role of a licensed registered nurse. Our program begins with a general nursing orientation for all nurses and then unit orientation under an assigned preceptor. The interns and the staff of Baptist design the content and experiences to meet the needs of each group of Interns.

The interns are supported with a curriculumn delivered through five to six seminars that emphasize learning the policies and procedures unique to Baptist and not repeating what the intern has just been taught in school. The classroom time is approximately 30 hours over 4-5 months and the remainder is bedside orientation. We include all new nurse graduates who work in Nursing Service areas in the program. No program appplication is required.

Charge Nurse Development

Our Charge Nurses are integral to the teamwork on patient care units. Their leadership skills are developed with the web-based Charge Nurse Training modules. The modules were developed on the latest evidenced-based practice and designed by a shared governance team. The concepts of clinical competence, organizational skills, human relations and critical thinking are emphasized throughout the self-paced tutorials.

Charge Nurses are required to successfully complete the training prior to functioning as a charge nurse. Charge Nurses rotate on the schedule and receive recognition toward the Clinical Ladder program.

Preceptor Training

Baptist values each employee and believes that everyone’s job is important. Our commitment is to provide the new employee the training and resources needed to be successful. Patient care areas use the training model of a preceptor mentorship for newly hired nurses, regardless of experience. The length of orientation is determined by the performance of the orientee and the acuity level of the patient population.

Our preceptors are trained to mentor using adult learning styles, individualized assessment of learning needs and the development of a teaching plan. Preceptors and orientees meet weekly to share feedback, set goals and action plans for the coming week.

Preceptors are also utilized to mentor nursing students who have been assigned to clinical experiences where the student works one on one with a staff nurse. Preceptors are selected by nurse managers and receive recognition toward the Clinical Ladder program.


Professional Certification in your nursing specialty is highly encouraged and regarded at Baptist. There are many opportunities for certifications for professional nursing associations and the American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Focus on the Future

Focus on the Future was created in 1993 from contributions by Baptist nurses to support nursing education including scholarships, national certifications, special lecture series and other educational offerings. Any nurse at Baptist may join by agreeing to payroll deduct at least $5 per pay period. You must be a member to access these funds. A committee meets quarterly to review financial reports and disbursements to insure the established guidelines are being followed. For more information, contact Brenda Castleberry at or call 601-968-4175.

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