Employee Expectations

To a future healthcare partner:

Welcome to Baptist! We are pleased that you chose Baptist as a potential employer. We, the employees at Baptist, are a dedicated team of caring professionals who are committed to providing the community with quality health care. The people we serve will ultimately depend on how you perform your job with compassion, concern and competency.

Our mission and vision statements summarize what our culture is here at Baptist:

Our mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare, guided by our Christian faith.

Our vision is to be our community's trusted healthcare system of choice, recognized nationally for outstanding employees and physicians, delivering high quality and exceptional service.


The Baptist Standards of Performance are expected behaviors that all staff agree to model and champion in our organization. These behaviors generate a culture of excellence that enable us to provide patients consistenly high quality care and great experiences.


You will be expected to perform your job in an efficient manner and conserve the resources provided to you as an employee of Baptist.


As a potential employee, you will be expected to follow established policies and procedures designed to protect your safety as well as the safety of our patients and visitors.

Use of Tobacco Products

Baptist Health Systems is a Tobacco Free organization. As a potential employee, you will be expected to refrain from the use of all tobacco products during your paid work hours.

Personal Appearance

You will be expected to follow the personal appearance guidelines outlined in the employee handbook. The way you dress will show our patients and visitors an image of Baptist and we want that image to be a positive one. Remember, you are "The Baptist" when you put on your name badge. If hired, you will be given the personal appearance guidelines at the time you complete your employment papers. You must follow the guidelines beginning with your first day of employment which will be orientation.

We wish you luck with the application process and hope you will become a member of our team. Thank you for taking a few minutes to read about us and know what it takes to be a Baptist employee.


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